– WebTitan


WebTitan is a division of Copperfasten Technologies, which offers ultimate protection from internet based threats and powerful web filtering functionalities to SMBs, Service Providers and Education sectors.


Main features:

  • URL filtering – 53 predefined categories plus additional customizable category creation
  • includes proxy server and cache
  • granular policy engine based on users and groups
  • WebTitan can block unwanted keywords and attachments including file types, mime types and renamed files
  • WebTitan allows organizations to block access to unwanted applications, such as IM and Peer to Peer
  • includes the award winning Clam Antivirus engine
  • simple download and installation process (Plug & Play solution)
  • contains a comprehensive reporting suitee
  • all WebTitan features are accessed using an intuitive web based interface
  • automated updating including URL filters, anti virus, version releases and system back up LDAP and NTML integration
  • LDAP and NTML integration


There are three deployment options available: ISO, VMware® and Cloud.