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Ceesoft provides comprehensive IT security solutions for your corporate and home networks



Ceesoft delivers to the market effective and innovative antivirus and antispam solutions which you can easily resell to your customer. Next to the software we provide variety of support and marketing services as well as modern e-commerce platform which enable you to efficiently compete on demanding market of IT security.



If you are interested in software for home users, Ceesoft grants you access to its trade platform where you can easily pick up and sell any software you may need for your home customers in a flexible way - as an electronic key, CD/DVD Box or in another available form.

If you are a home user and would like to purchase our software to protect your assets and additionally get access to another benefits such as advanced erase tool or on-line storage of 25 GB of your data please contact us and we will be pleased to help you by providing information about one of our local sales agents or resellers so you could purchase your software.



If you prefer not to invest too much in your infrastructure, software, hardware and other resources Ceesoft will provide you the effective Security as a Service without any additional costs. Our consultants will help you choose appropriate type and level of our service and implement it to secure your organization in best possible way.

Working with Ceesoft guarantee the best security protection, service and warranty for your success. Our team who will take care 24/7 about your comfort.