– Anti-spam system


We all know that dealing with spam can be a frustrating and time consuming experience. SpamTitan is an inexpensive yet full-featured, easy to manage solution for businesses seeking to protect their users and networks from spam and other internet security threats.


SpamTitan offers a number of benefits:

  • highly effective - anti-spam rules are updated hourly to help with the detection of current spam trends. Over time SpamTitan is also able to learn what is ham (not spam) and spam based on all of the emails that it has inspected
  • virus scanning - all emails are scanned for viruses both by ClamAV and Kaspersky antivirus engines
  • message quarantine - all emails detected as spam or virus infected are stored in a message quarantine that can easily be managed by each email user. This keeps dangerous emails off of your computer while also giving you the opportunity to inspect what has been picked up
  • daily quarantine reports - every day each email user is sent a quarantine report that lists new emails that have been quarantined along with options to delete the email, deliver it, or whitelist the sender
  • user configurable settings - each email user can manage their own message quarantine, blacklist, and whitelist
  • email spooling - if your server is offline for any reason, SpamTitan will queue your incoming email and deliver it once your server is back online


For more info and a free 30 day trial version of Spam Titan please go to www.spamtitan.pl